Windale Playcentre

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The compact Windale Playcentre is a great big idea with a scaled down footprint. Specially constructed for smaller yards and measuring just 4.2m x 3.3m, its ingenious vertical design packs in a full multi-level playscape for up to nine energetic kids.

Windale features a high-rail wave slide, a multi-colored rockwall leading to the upper level of the two-story clubhouse, a working door, and a shaded café table and bench on the lower level.

Two belt swings and a premium glider provide plenty of open-air fun on the ground. 100% premium cedar construction makes this small wonder both durable and beautiful. Windale is proof that big ideas really do come in small packages.

Dimensions(cm): 393.7 x 330.2 x 276.86

Ages: 3-10 years