Forest Ridge Playcentre

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Rocketing off to the moon, dining at a French café or exploring caves—whatever adventure kids can dream up, then theForest Ridge Playcentre can be the basis to jumpstart imagination. With two swing and an acrobar, soaring to reach the stars does not seem so difficult a feat.

Kids can almost smell the gourmet food when they have a seat at the bench underneath the canopy awning. Using the ladder on the back, kids can ascend to the upper clubhouse where giggles, whispers and plans will surely be shared. From the window, kids can set the time on the moveable hands clock.

The twisty tube slide is like a tunnel just waiting to be discovered. Plus, it makes a way more thrilling way to reach the ground. Constructed with premium wood, heavy-duty brackets and hangers and child-friendly stain, the Forest Ridge Playcentre is thoughtfully designed to contain years of make-believe outdoor play.

Dimensions (cm): 508.0 x 229.01 x 289.99

Ages: 3-10 years