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Looking for the coolest clubhouse around? The two-story Cozy Escape Playcentre lets the fun go up, instead of out, taking up less yard space. With almost 50 square feet of play space and the addition of a twisty slide, this double-decker structure can entertain kids all day. The lower level boasts two entrances, a sink and a play stove. The front porch with a bench is perfect for a brief rest.

Next, kids can clamber up to the top via either the side or back ladder. An abundance of windows ensures there’s tons of light. The covered deck includes homey planters for growing flowers, herbs or maybe even lollipops!

When it's time to descend to the ground, this playhouse offers a thrilling alternative to stairs—a twist-n-ride tube slide! Magical memories will abound in this elevated play structure that lets kids use their imaginations in so many different ways. It'll definitely be a "Cozy Escape" in the backyard for years to come.

Dimensions (cm): 317.3 x 213.51 x 273.99

Ages: 3-10 years