Belmont Play Tower

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Provide kids with a fun way to get physical activity and exercise with this Belmont Cedar Wooden den with Swing and Slide Set. The Belmont’s frame is constructed of eco-friendly, sustainable cedar wood that comes factory-stained with a rich colour that adds to its visual appeal.

The Belmont swing set features a fully covered play deck, an 8′ wave slide, two belt swings with kid-friendly chains, and an incredibly fun trapeze acrobat bar. A sandbox and a picnic/activity table with a bench are also attached for kids who want to rest, eat or play games. Additional features include a rock wall ladder that provides easy access to the top floor. Loads of fun for girls and boys, this swing set with tower and slide comes pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained and includes stamped lumber for easy two-adult assembly. Built to the highest residential standards, your kids can enjoy the value of a personal outdoor playground right in their own back garden.